IBLA Grand Prize
International Piano Competition

& Master Classes

  1. The competition is open to pianists from all over the world and is divided into the following sections: Adult, Young, Four Hands/Duo Piano, Piano Concerto, and Accompanist.

  2. The Adult, Four Hands/Duo Piano, Piano Concerto and Accompanist sections are without age limit.
    The Young Section is further divided into A B C D
    24 and over
  3. Competitors may enroll in a higher age category than they belong.
Repertory Requirements:
  1. Adult Level: free recital program of approximately 40 minutes (for example: all works of one composer or a variety of styles and periods or all contemporary music, etc.) Extremely innovative works are very welcome.

  2. Young Levels: free program with an approximate duration of:

    10 minutes for Level A
    15 minutes for Level B
    20 minutes for Level C
    25 minutes for Level D

  3. Four Hands/Duo Piano Section: free program of approximately 25 minutes

  4. Piano Concerto Section: one piano concerto / free choice

  5. Piano Accompanist Section: free program of approximately 25 minutes (to accompany piano concerto, strings, winds or voice)

1. Contestants must perform their repertory from memory; exceptions will be made for the duo/ensemble/accompanist sections and contemporary music.

2. Composers have the option to submit recordings and or scores or choose to present a live performance during the IBLA Grand Prize in Italy. Copy of the score and recording will not be returned.

3. The decisions of the International Jury are final.

4. Competitors waive all rights of remuneration for the broadcasting, televising or recording of their performance within the IBLA Grand Prize.

5. The IBLA Foundation Board of Directors reserves the right to terminate any performance at any time and to withhold or revoke any award in any section during the competition as well as throughout the winners concert tour.

6. For any matter in dispute, the decision of the IBLA Foundation Board of Directors shall be final.

7. Participation in the competition assumes the unconditional acceptance of the present rules without reservation.




The newly opened Comiso Airport is the closest airport to Ragusa (20 km) with flights being added weekly. Please check with your travel agent for possible itineraries or the link below for further information:


The Catania Fontanarossa airport is the second closest airport to Ragusa (100 km).

Generally, you are not required to attend throughout the duration of the competition, should you have other professional commitments. Your performance schedule will be set accordingly to your travel wishes.

The Ibla Foundation will provide discounted rates for hotels and restaurants as well as airport/hotel and local transportation services for contestants and their guests. Great beaches and historical sites surround the Ragusa IBLA area, should you wish to take a vacation during your stay. Unesco World Heritage site Ragusa IBLA is an astonishingly beautiful wonder of baroque architecture and is located approximately 15 miles from the Mediterrenean sea and close to the extremely interesting island of Malta, the vulcano Mount Etna, Taormina. Daily trips will be organized to these destination by the competition office. If interested please inform the office upon applying to the competition.