IBLA Winners at Carnegie Weill Hall

Tuesday April 10, 6.00 pm


A comment by Composer Pietro Floridia’s Scholar

Mr. Frank Susino




Dear Dr. Moltisanti,


Thank you so much for your invitation to the Carnegie Hall Gala

performance of the IBLA Foundation awards and the Gala dinner that



It was a SPECTACULAR evening.


I know that the planning, coordination and execution of this creative

event required a gargantuan effort on your part. The great success

of the end result clearly attests to your ability, passion and love of music.


Grace and I were privileged to have attended this magnificent event

and most of all, we wish to express to you our appreciation and

gratitude for the performance of the aria from Pietro Floridia's



Ms. Liza Charles as soprano, Ms.Charlotte Paulsen as mezzosoprano and

Mr. Alessio Quaresima as pianist, were the perfect choice of a team

performance for the "San Giorgio Duetto".


Their enthusiasm during the singing presentation came across as a

vivid expression of love for the Maruzza piece that you chose for

this important event.


For us, this was clearly the highlight of the evening.


I look forward to working with you in the future in order to assist

you in any way that you deem appropriate, especially in the

propagation of Florida's works.





Frank & Grace Susino